Birthday Parties!

Music and Movement of Newton can make your child's birthday all the more special. We love to celebrate with singing, dancing, and playing instruments!

Party Options:

Call us or drop us an email with the date(s) you are considering, and we'll get you the relevant information. You can even pay at your convenience at our online store!

Rave Reviews: 

"Julia was fantastic with the kids.  I was really nervous that they would be having so much fun in the playspace part they would not want to do the music... but she organized a train to march them to the other room and the kids were all glued to her the entire time!  We had a lot of parents coming up and telling us how much they enjoyed it as well, and how they were so happy someone kept their toddler entertained for that long!" --Emily R.  11/14

"We loved having Music and Movement of Newton at our son's three year old birthday party. He loved playing with all of the instruments, and got up and danced along with all of his friends to his favorite songs. It was a perfect party." --Cheryl S.

"Julia led a music program at my four year old son's birthday party, which was a huge success. She worked with me to find out his musical and general interests so that she could tailor the songs and activities to appeal to him and his friends. She came prepared with a variety of instruments and props to keep the children's interest, and was very tuned in to each one and their differing needs. The most captivating part for me was when she gathered the first five children together to march around in a circle and follow her directions about being different animals while guests continued to stream in. Despite the bustling activity around them, a group of four year olds was fully engaged in this activity. Once everyone had arrived, Julia convinced the shy children at the edges to come and participate; she did this in a gentle and inclusive way. She was musically and interpersonally wonderful. Not only the children, but also the adults found themselves jamming together, which culminated in a lively drumming session followed by a march to the lunch tables for cake. My son's party was a true celebration thanks to the spirit and skill that Julia brought." -- Anna T.

"Julia was fabulous with the kids--we had a range of kids 6 months-6 years and they all had a blast. Julia has tons of energy and the kids loved her. Highly recommend!" --Kate C. 

"Julia came to do a birthday party for our 3 year old girl, who adores pink and princesses. After inquiring in advance about my little girl's preferences, Julia wore a bright pink dress to the party and played "freeze" dance with scarves to my little one's favorite song ("Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty), which thrilled my daughter. She brought fun little instruments for the kids to play and other great props. She was fun to be with but not overwhelming for the little ones, and the kids who didn't know her warmed to her beautifully. My daughter smiled ear to ear the whole time. I would highly recommend Julia for a party for this age group." --Pamela W.

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