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Because your child deserves a chance to grow up bilingual. . . fun for the WHOLE family--older kids too! 
Weekly interactive class, plus on-demand recordings of the classes,
Song recordings (downloadable and CD); songbook; and Family Playground language enrichment!


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In Fall of 2020, every family get La Pajara Pinta, a gorgeous CD and matching illustrated songbook. There's a friendly caballito to ride; Bate Bate Chocolate with a very delicious clave; a mouse hiding under a button; 5 elefantes; a Celia Cruz cover that you won't believe, and some new-to-you songs! The class is suited for native Spanish speakers AND for rank beginners, both adult and child.

Class schedule:

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Auburndale Cove (Ware Cove)
104 West Pine Street
Newton, MA 02466
map and directions
Canta y Baila Conmigo 0-6ish years Thursday 11:00 AM 09/17/20 8 weeks 11/05/20 Julia $ 270.00 Register

Newton Center Park
69 Tyler Terrace
Newton, MA 02459
map and directions
Canta y Baila Conmigo birth-6-ish yrs Sunday 11:30 AM 09/17/20 8 weeks 11/08/20 Julia $ 270.00 Register
Canta y Baila Conmigo 0-6ish years (1 Seat Left) Wednesday 11:00 AM 09/16/20 8 weeks 11/04/20 Julia $ 270.00 Register

Wherever you are!
Living room, Yard, Vacation
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Canta y Baila Conmigo 0-6ish years Friday 10:00 AM 09/25/20 8 weeks 11/13/20 Maddie $ 215.00 Register


Sample the delicious recordings!


More information about these amazing classes:

Take a journey into Spanish language and its cultures through the magical world of music.
Supporting and inspiring your family as you start your bilingual journey. CyBC is a place where you can sing and groove together, connect with family heritage, explore and experience the cultures of Spanish speaking countries and share bonding time with your child.

Give your child the gifts of music and language.


Una clase para niños hasta los 6 años acompañados por un adulto. Esta clase está diseñada para fomentar tanto el desarrollo del idioma español como la destreza cultural de los niños a través de canciones infantiles y música tradicional de España y Latinoamérica. Es ideal para familias bilingües que buscan un ámbito auténtico donde compartir en español con sus niños así como con otros miembros de la comunidad hispanoparlante. Esta clase se ofrece completamente en español para crear una experiencia de inmersión total. Sin embargo, la clase no está limitada a personas con completa fluidez en español. Estudiantes principiantes e intermedios del idioma que quieran aprender junto con sus niños podrán disfrutar de un ambiente divertido, seguro y acogedor donde envolverse en el idioma y las tradiciones musicales del mundo hispano. Los participantes recibirán un cancionero y CD creado especialmente para cada sesión. Nuestra maestra Maddie Welch tiene amplia experiencia en música y teatro y ha sido maestra de educación bilingüe en Massachusetts por más de 10 años.

Sing and Dance With Me, Spanish Musical Culture

You can take this class alongside Music Together, or you can save it for when your child "graduates" from Music Together. Canta y Baila Conmigo is a class for children up to 6 years old accompanied by an adult. This class is designed to support both Spanish language development and cultural competence through the use of children's songs and traditional music from Spain and Latin America. It is ideal for bilingual parents and caregivers seeking an authentic setting in which to interact in Spanish with their own children as well as with a broader Spanish-speaking community. Class will be conducted in Spanish for a full immersion experience. However, this class is not limited to fluent speakers of Spanish. Beginners and intermediate speakers wishing to learn along with their children will find a fun, safe and supportive environment in which to experience the Spanish language as well as Hispanic musical traditions. Participants will receive a songbook and CD created especially for each session. Teacher Maddie Welch has broad experience in music and theatre and has been a licensed bilingual teacher in Massachusetts for more than 10 years.

Fluent bilingual educator and Newton native Maddie Welch created this unique curriculum with dual goals of linguistic and musical competence.

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